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    Contact:Ma guangkui
    Tel:+86-536-3412089 3412789

    Qualification Certificate of Measurement Standardized Good Practice Certificate
    Certificate of donation during HFMD epidemic Advanced Earthquake Relief Units in 2008
    Top Ten Honest Enterprises in 2008 Top Ten Tax-paying Enterprises in 2007
    Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises Advanced Private Enterprises in 2007
    Honesty and Credit Enterprises in 2008 Civilized Credit Unit in 2005
    Honorary Award of China (Shandong) 3.15 Excellent Commodities (Services) Exposition 2006 Priority Unit of 10,000 Readers'Evaluation in 2005
    Letter of thanks from the Red Cross Society of China Letter of thanks from the Red Cross Society of China
    Donation of Advanced Scholarship Units in 2003 Advanced Units Respecting Teachers and Respecting Education in 2003
    Donation of Guangwei disinfectant worth 500,000 yuan to disaster-stricken areas in Hunan in 1998 Dong Jingsheng, chairman of our company
    He was appointed member of disinfection Committee of Shandong Preventive Medical Association
    Group Membership Unit of Shandong Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association  
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