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    Guangwei brand chlorine-containing disinfectant powder (metoclopramide)


    Approval Number: Weixiao Zi (2002) No. 0023

    Category: disinfectants for animal husbandry

    Name: Guangwei brand chlorine-containing disinfectant powder (Detoxifen)

    Product Specification: Effective chlorine content 20%

    Packaging specification: 500g/bag

    Packaging type: 20kg/case; 40kg/bag

    Scope of application: disinfection of livestock and poultry pens, fish and shrimp farming

    Product Description:

    This product is a new type of highly effective and broad-spectrum disinfectant and bactericide. It can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the corresponding concentration and time.

    It can be widely used in sterilization and disinfection of livestock and poultry pens. It has special effects on preventing and treating avian influenza, dysentery, cholera, E. coli, Pasteurella, Newcastle disease, bursitis, foot and mouth disease, swine fever, rabbit fever and other animal diseases. It can also remove the foul odor of livestock pens, improve environmental hygiene and promote growth.

    Used in fish and shrimp culture, it has special effect on preventing and curing red skin, rotten gill, enteritis, printing disease and rotten gill, rotten eye, white and black spot, red claw of shrimp, and can purify water quality and promote the growth of fish and shrimp.

    It is used to control Apple powdery mildew, defoliation, rot, peanut leaf spot, wheat powder rust, rice blast, grape, cucumber, Chinese cabbage downy mildew, eggplant cotton blight, celery spot blight, Chinese cabbage soft rot and other diseases.


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