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    Guangwei brand chlorine-containing disinfectant powder (metoclopramide)


    Product Name: Aquaculture (No. 1)




    Approval Number: Weixiao Zi (2002) No. 0023




    Product Description: This product is a new type of disinfectant with stable performance, high efficiency, broad spectrum, safety and reliability. This product can be used for disinfection of salty and fresh water body and exterior of fish and shrimp. Bacterial diseases such as black gill disease, rotten eyes, rotten tail and red eyes of shrimp, red neck disease, abdominal onychomycosis, leukoplakia, water mildew and parasitic diseases of turtle, etc. have special effects, and they are the best disease-prevention drugs for special aquaculture. If used with clotrimazole, the effect is better.


    Product characteristics:


    White powder with chlorine odor


    Usage and dosage:


    After being dissolved in warm water at 40-60 (?) C, it can be mixed with water.


    (1) Dry pond: 400-600 g/mu, sprinkle the whole pond.


    (2) Prevention: Sprinkle the whole pond once every half month, with water depth of 1 meter, mariculture 400-600 g/mu, red tide can be increased appropriately; freshwater culture 200-400 g/mu.


    Treatment: sprinkle the whole pool for 2 days. In terms of water depth of 1 meter, 600-800 g/mu for mariculture and 300-500 g/mu for freshwater culture.


    Matters needing attention:


    It should not be used in contact with metals, acid and alkali drugs, and cautiously in high temperature and muggy heat.


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