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    Guangwei brand trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectant (strong chlorine)


    Category of disinfectants: industrial disinfectant products

    Disinfectant name: trichloroisocyanuric acid

    Disinfectant product specifications: powder, granule, tablet, powder: 8-30 mesh, 20-60 mesh (size can also be customized according to user requirements)

    Flake: 1g/film, 5g/film, 10g/film, 15g/film, 20g/film, 30g/film, 50g/film, 150g/film, 200g/film, 500g/film (size can also be customized according to user's requirements)

    Available chlorine content: > 90%

    Disinfectant packing specifications: 25kg/bag, 50kg/barrel

    Types of Disinfectant Packaging: Bags and Barrels

    Product Profile:

    Usage: Trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectant has the characteristics of strong bleaching ability, quick-acting and slow-releasing. As a new type of high-efficiency disinfectant, it has a wide range of applications and good effect. It has no harmful effect on human body and the stimulating odor of hypochlorite.


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